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We offer numerous specialist services and currently work within a wide range of industries as detailed below. If you have any questions about how we can assist you please get in touch and we will be only too happy to help.

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Accountancy Services

Financial Reporting

Small and Medium Entities (SMEs and SMPs) have reporting obligations under current rules and regulations.

We are always on hand to make sure that there is compliance and that the finalities are taken care of.


It is your duty as a business to keep 'adequate' books and records in the eyes of HMRC.

We find all too often that businesses leave their record-keeping and preparation until the last minute. This leads to the risk of information being mislaid, misplaced, or just forgotten about.

If you are a standard rate taxpayer, every £100 of receipts that you omit from your accounting records could be worth up to £29 in extra tax paid; if you are higher rate taxpayer this amount will be even higher.

We can take the stress and hassle out of bookkeeping. Our trained staff are highly efficient at getting your data onto our accounting systems, and if you have missed out a monthly bill, such as a phone bill, we will be on the phone asking you where it is.

Management Accounting Information

Most SMEs, SMPs, and other small businesses do not realise that their accounts are a strategic and essential management tool to assist in the running and performance of their business.

They normally only utilise their accounts for interaction with HMRC and Companies House, sometimes as little as once a year.

We can assist in the preparation and analysis of more periodic information so that the ongoing and current status of the financial health of your business can be more easily monitored.

Registered Office Services

If you own a Limited Company, your Registered Office has to be available during normal office hours to receive documents and communications.

Your registered office is also where notifications to file annual returns and annual accounts with Companies House will be sent.

Year End Accounts

Every year ALL entities have to account for all relevant income and expenditure.

We work alongside our clients to make sure that the final accounts are relevant, factual, and compliant.

Company Formations

At the inception of any new venture there is always the consideration as to whether a Limited Company or a Limited Liability Partnership is the most suitable entity.

If this is the considered step we can assist with all the necessary formalities in commencing the 'birth' and administration of the new company.

Whether it be just for name protection or as a trading entity, we can remove the stresses involved and make it an easy and seamless process.

Business Start up and Structuring Advice

Should we or shouldn't we?

This is a common question at the beginning of the business cycle.

In conjunction with an individual or business, we will attempt to assess the merits of any start up so that risk is minimised and rewards are maximised.

Business Management

Business Analysis

"Forecasts may tell you a great deal about the forecaster; they tell you nothing about the future." - Warren Buffet

Accounting inevitably finds itself assessing historical data, and therefore analysing historical performance.

Whilst historical data is key for analysis of trends, budgets, and accuracy of forecasts, it does little to inform us of how we will perform in the future.

We prefer to think of ourselves as more your financial director than simply your accountant, and will take a keen interest in understanding how and why your business works.

We will always seek to assess your business as 'live', taking historical accounting data as a guide but working with you, not for you, on how we can strive to continually push you forwards.


Are you trading as a sole trader but want to incorporate into a Limited Company?

Do you want to go into partnership with a friend of yours who trades in the same industry? Or maybe one that isn't?

Have you decided enough is enough and you want to pass on your limited company to your staff or relatives?

We can help guide you through these scenarios and many more.

We will always advise the best route for YOU, not the route that will achieve the greatest fee structure for us.

Our priority is ALWAYS you and your business.


The key to business planning is efficient use of all resources.

By preparing projected costs and incomes and then comparing the results with the actual registered figures, it is far easier to judge the progress being made.

We can assist in the preparation and analyse of these useful tools.

Strategic Financial Planning

Cash flow and projected profit and loss accounts are normally a requirement of any company, especially when they are attempting to raise capital from banks or investors.

Careful preparation of a realistic documents is essential, and we can bring years of experience and technical knowledge to these tasks.

Exit and Succession Planning

Do you want to retire and just give up?

No? Then extracting the value from years of endeavour will need expert advice and assistance.

We have assisted many companies and businesses in this process either by sale, the integration of outside investors, or internal management and staff.

Debt Services

Debt Collection

How many times have you experienced bad payers or even non Payers?

We have extensive experience and a unique knowledge base in these issues, and we will be more than happy to assist your credit control in this area.

Debt Mediation

We will work with other specialist Insolvency Practitioners to provide a mediation service to assist in the settlement of difficult situations without necessarily having to formalise the matter in the courts.

Debt Mitigation

In the case of insolvency, the need to mitigate certain situations is imperative to long-term financial survival whether as a company or as an individual.

Using our in-house expertise supported by an extensive network of other specialist professionals we can assist in helping to facilitate a scenario to enable all parties involved move forward both ethically, morally, and correctly.

Other Services


We understand the operational and strategic problems and pitfalls that beset most small and medium enterprises.

We concentrate on this sector and therefore we can use a wealth of experience to assist in most areas. The SME sector is the lifeblood of the UK economy and it is our goal to help owners and stakeholders achieve the rewards for their efforts in the best and most efficient manner.

Forensic Services

It is an unfortunate fact of life that disputes always arise.

Areas such as business interruption, personal injury and loss of earnings claims are all regular instances where Forensic Accounting is utilised.

We have extensive experience and knowledge of how to prepare the necessary reports, work which would be carried out in tandem with your lawyers.

Unique and Trustworthy network

Legal Services
Mortgage Services
Financial Planning
HR and Employment
Commercial Insurance
Business Recovery and Administration
Advertising and Marketing


RTI Compliant Payroll Processing/Consultation

We currently run in excess of 100 company payroll schemes ranging from single-director businesses up to 55-employee companies, along with everything in between.

We can assist with setting up PAYE schemes, deal with new starters’ P45s/P46s, mid-year leavers, year-end P60s, process your payroll on a monthly basis in line with HMRC guidelines, and ensure that you are compliant with your duties as an employer.

We will send you payslips in whatever format you require; we can even email them directly to your staff, secure and encrypted for their viewing.

We are also geared up to take your company through automatic enrolment, which is now beginning to encapsulate more and more employers.

As of 6th March 2015, employers with fewer than 49 employees will now be subject to in-year fines relating to non-filing or non-payment of PAYE related information.

We will chase you and keep the pressure on you to make sure that you get us the information we need to keep you out of HMRC fines and penalties.

We will NEVER rest on our laurels and use the ‘you didn't give me the information’ excuse. If you give us the information in a timely manner you will not get a fine or a penalty from HMRC.

CIS (Construction Industry Scheme)

Whether you are a contractor or subcontractor, you have a duty to declare what you have stopped workers, or what you have been stopped, and return these figures to HMRC

We can assist you in:

- Registering for CIS
- Verifying CIS subcontractors
- Filing monthly CIS Returns
- Dealing with CIS enquiries

CIS has to be reported (If you engage subcontractors) by the 19th of each month for the previous fiscal month (6th month to 5th next month).

We will chase you to ensure you give us the appropriate information and that you remain compliant in the eyes of HMRC.


Corporation Tax

Whether you are running a large or small business, your corporate tax requirements will range from routine compliance checks to specialist advice to plan and inform your business decisions and tax planning.

To reduce risk it is crucial to have information that allows you to be proactive in preventing an issue arising before it becomes unmanageable.

LAS Partnership can help you build efficient tax planning into every aspect of your business.

We can assist you through every step, from starting up and structuring, through expansion and even planning your succession.

We will also help you in calculating your tax liabilities, filing your accounts with HMRC and Companies House in a timely manner so that you do not incur any fines or penalties, and dealing with any tax-related issues that may arise.

Inheritance Tax

Death is one of those topics that nobody really wants to talk about, but as Benjamin Franklin so famously remarked "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes".

You will pay taxes and you will die.

We can help take the stress out of Inheritance Tax by assisting you in forward planning, in order to put your estate in the best financial situation.

We can help you:

- Update your will
- Maximise lifetime gifts and transfers
- Execute your estate

Capital Gains Tax

Most people forget this tax but it can affect so many people.

The widespread ownership of buy-to-let properties has increased the risk of being liable for CGT.

We can assist with all computations and planning, and advise accordingly as to how to legitimately use various allowances that are available in order to minimise your tax liability.

Self Assessment and Partnership Tax

There are many reason why HMRC may require you to complete a Self Assessment tax return:

- Self-employed
- Directors
- Landlords

Untaxed incomes all have a potential need for Self-assessment.

We can provide advice to the small or hobby business up to SMEs and SMPs with successful and substantial turnover and complex affairs.


VAT is one of the most complex taxes in our already overcomplicated tax system, with many unseen pitfalls of which the unwary may fall foul.

We can help navigate you through the rough waters of VAT.

We can assist you with:

- VAT Registration
- Appropriate VAT scheme selection
- VAT invoicing and administration
- Completing VAT returns
- VAT Deregistration

Tax Planning

"No man in the country is under the smallest obligation, moral or other, so to arrange his legal relations to his business or property as to enable the Inland Revenue to put the largest possible shovel in his stores." - Lord Clyne - 1929

It is your moral right to AVOID tax. It is a criminal offence to EVADE tax.

Sometimes the line between the two can become overly blurred. Thankfully, we can help guide you through ways of arranging your affairs in order to reduce your tax liabilities in a legal and forthright manner.

HMRC Investigations

Aside from stress caused by worrying about money, the pressure that can be felt when under the gaze of HMRC can be overwhelming.

We have years of experience in dealing with HMRC. We know how to deal with them and we know how to deal with them well.

A tax investigation by HMRC, whether it be VAT, PAYE, CT, SA, a business record check or anything else, can turn out to be an extremely expensive affair.

We will not sit back. If we feel you are in the right we will interact with HMRC to the bitter end. We are thorough, experienced and tenacious.

For that reason we offer insurance to all of our clients against HMRC tax investigations. . If you do get selected for closer scrutiny, you do not have to worry about our fee for dealing with it.



Whether you are a mechanic, a used car dealer, involved with bodywork repairs or vehicle leasing, we have vast experience in catering for your particular requirements.

We understand your needs, your wants, your requirements.

We can help you:

- Find and manage apprenticeships
- Ensure your VAT is managed appropriately
- Put appropriate systems in place for stock control
- Deal with employment or HR issues

We can also help ensure that your cash flow management on a day-to-day basis is clear and concise, compliance in all areas relating to HMRC/Companies House, and that we have complete understanding of your business and work ethic.



We have a number of clients spanning a diverse range of property-related industries, including property developers, mortgage advisers, estate agents, builders, plumbers, and plasterers, as well as architects, electricians and surveyors.

Each one will have a unique set of requirements; we can help cater for all of them:

- VAT, including issues around new build properties
- Financing concerns
- Cash flow management
- Rental and mortgaging concerns

We also offer day-to-day advice on the management of your business, specialist tax advice, and access to our unique network of individuals who share our work ethic and passion for our clients.



Entrepreneurs and SMEs are driving the growth in our flagship global economic recovery, and we understand the burden being placed on you to create both jobs and wealth to keep recovery going long into the future.

As members of the IFA we have a vested interest in the affairs of the SME market.

We have many self-made clients, and we take great pride in helping them take their proverbial acorn and grow it into a mighty oak.

We can assist you with:

- Obtaining financial support in the early days of your business
- Creating a substantial business plan and forecasting future cash flows
- Exploring avenues and ventures within which to grow your business
- Complying at every stage with HMRC's raft of taxes and statutes
- Entrepreneur's relief where applicable

Film, Media and Creative

Film, Media and Creative

Creative people often find themselves constricted by the seemingly infinite quantity of red tape that exists in current business regulation.

To be truly creative, they need to be able to express themselves in an environment free of these aggravations.

We can help provide that environment by fully controlling your administrative and bureaucratic needs.

We can take the stress out of:

- Tax returns
- HMRC Registrations
- Financing
- Bookkeeping
- Companies House liabilities
- Creative Tax Relief

We do what we do, so you can do what you do.

Food and Drink

Food and Drink

You cater for our culinary needs.

Whether a chef, restauranteur, baker, brewer, or farmer, you need to concentrate on what you produce rather than the peripheral aspects of the business.

We can advise on:

- The best ways to finance equipment
- Becoming VAT compliant
- Managing cash flows
- Exploring sales opportunities
- Stock write-offs
- Applicable agricultural reliefs



Our clients include dentists, vets, nurses, homoeopathists, osteopaths, physical therapists, and carers.

We understand their needs.

The long hours.

The constant changes in working environment.

The daily stresses involved in what they do.

We also know that the last thing they need is to worry about their tax.

Whether you are self-employed and need annual accounts produced, or are employed and have queries about your pay, we can help you.

Your job is to help others. Ours is to help you.

Manufacturing and Engineering

Manufacturing and Engineering

From costing to cost control, overhead apportionment to stock control, we can offer accounting advice and other essential management guidance.

Please see us as your outsourced Financial Directors.

We can help you:

- Maximise utilisation of capital allowances
- Assess workforce productivity
- Source finance to renew equipment or expand and grow
- Access invoice discounting if necessary

You make it. We count it.

Owner Managed Business

Owner Managed Business

Owning and managing the business gives you a a unique perspective on how it should run.

Unlike large companies owned by shareholders who focus mostly on their profits distribution, you have a hands-on involvement on a day-to-day basis and see everything as and when it happens.

This gives you a greater understanding of the mechanics of your business, and in turn allows us a greater insight into how you work.

This will allow us to:

- Manage your cash flows better
- Keep a closer eye on potential needs for VAT registration
- Assess staff numbers
- Compare trends in turnover/sales
- Keep a focus on your needs and requirements at all times

Professional Services

Professional Services

Banks, insurance, mortgages, investments.

Sometimes the strain of dealing day in and day out with other people's money can lead you to put aside your worries and concerns regarding your own finances.

'Do as I say, not as I do' is something we see all too often.

There is no shame in seeking professional advice, and we have a wealth of experience and knowledge that we can put to use to assist you. We do not offer ‘one size fits all’ products; we will tailor our recommendations to your personal situation.

We can assist you in:

- Assessing your liability for VAT
- Determining the most efficient entity structure for you.
- Growing your business
- Setting up and administering PAYE schemes



You may have a property portfolio, own one or two properties as an extra level of income and/or investment, or simply have a lodger renting a room in your house.

Whatever the case, we understand your needs and have the necessary skill set with which to orchestrate the management of your financial affairs.

We can help you:

- Account for your incomings and outgoings
- Claim the necessary reliefs available to you
- Think about future CGT implications
- Look at ways of maximising your investments

We can also help you with non-paying tenants, which in this current economy can mean the difference between profit and loss.

Sport and Leisure

Sport and Leisure

Whether you are a professional sailor, a golf instructor, a manufacturer of professional sports equipment or you run a leisure facility or B&B, we have the skills and experience with which to ensure your business is managed in an efficient and clear manner.

We can assist with:

- Guidelines on claimable expenses for professional clothing
- Travel expenditure
- Reliefs to be claimed on equipment
- HMRC legislative compliance

We ensure your affairs are managed on an individual basis and always expedited in a timely manner.



Mastering a skill is something we all want to achieve.

Whether it be boat building, plumbing, carpentry, roofing, window installation, tree surgery, or electrical surveys, we all need the skills you have. You need to know that your tax affairs are in order. You need to know what expenses you can claim, what reliefs you are entitled to, how and when to invoice.

We can help with:
- Accounting for work in progress and closing stock
- Ensuring VAT compliance
- Planning the timing of equipment acquisition
- Advising on the best ways to grow and network

We ensure that the only worry you have is managing a hectic work schedule.